Run 8 Guides

As a new user to Run 8 I had tons of questions, and really wished there was a quickstart guide in the documentation folder - something to show me the basics in just a few minutes. That became a series of guides which are all linked below. I hope it helps you get up to speed quickly!

Run 8 - 15 minute Quick Start Guide
New to Run 8? Start here - a simple guide with lots of pictures to teach you the basics and get you moving on your first train ride, as well as navigating around the expansive world modeled in Run 8!

Suggested Keyboard Binds

Run 8 uses TONS of keys, some of which aren't that easy to remember, Try these suggestions, like G=Ground, and R=EngineeR view.

Dispatch Maps
Lost? All the dispatch screens on one page may help.
We've even sketeched in a few Branch Line Locations...

Run 8 Dialogs
All of Run 8's dialog boxes, on 2 pages, with keyboard shortcuts.

BoxCar to DLC guide
Learn how to see which DLC the Run 8 boxcars represent.

SoCal Schematic Map
A neat SVG map with nearly every location in SoCal listed.
This is an external site. Map made and hosted by RichUK.

SoCal Map
Ever wonder what a map of Run 8 Southern California would look like?

MessageLog viewer Powershell script
If you're comfortable with powershell, this script can pull messages from your logs
Handy if you might have missed something while you're away.