Changing the server location of checked out Files with Subversion

I recently rebuilt my home domain controller and renamed my home domain that I use internally.

As a result, all the links to my subversion server are now broken.

In other words, my local working copy thinks it’s linked to a subversion server that it can no longer reach.

if only there were a way to update my local copy to let it know where to look…

first I opened terminal (on a mac here, open the cmd prompt on windows)

cd to the working directory

enter svn info – this will display where subversion thinks it’s pointing to

enter svn switch –relocate FROM http://oldpath ┬áTO http://newpath

Video: CODA + Subversion (Beanstalk) How-To

I did a video tutorial recently on how to use CODA (A popular mac editor used by web designers) with the Source Control System Subversion (Using’s free account offering)

The video is just under 20 minutes long and covers:

Setting up a free account on
How to configure the free account.
How to configure the ‘sites’ tab in Coda to work with the free account.
How to push changes to the Subversion Server (in this case Beanstalkapp)

How to compare an old revision with the current one.

How to ‘roll back’ a code change to an older version that’s in Subversion.