Starter Lighting for at home webcasting

I did a few skype interviews for SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs and found that the room lighting wasn’t giving the look I wanted.

I looked at some professional lights, but they were expensive and I really didn’t have room for them in my small home office.

Ikea to the Rescue

I purchased two clamp mounted desk lamps from Ikea for $9 each. Initially I tried aiming them directly at me, but it was too distracting.

I then purchased two foam core boards from staples for about $5 each – this setup is pictured below:



When I am not “filming” I can put both Foam boards away and my room is largely back to normal.

The background behind me still felt a little dark in the resulting video so I grabbed one of those $5 clamp lights from home depot, and temporarily put it on top of my book case, pointed at the ceiling, which reflected back down and brightened up the back wall:



Total cost: $33 plus light bulbs