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Debugging app crashes on windows

At some point or another it happens: either windows blue screens, or an application locks up.
With a little effort, there’s no need to feel helpless nor to guess at what the problem might be,
debugging tools for windows can help.

below is a summary of some techniques – sorry that its not real descriptive. I’ll add to it one day – I promise..

In vista, you need to attach to the dying process.
Launch windebug and attach to the dying process.

Configure vista or 2008 to always generate a dump file (for application crashes)
Create key named:
Hklm\software\microsoft\windows\windows error reporting\localdumps

Dumps go to %localappdata%\crashdumps
Override with a Dumpfolder (string) value
Limit dump history with a dumpcount (dword) value

!analyze –v

If this doesn’t work –
Look at the thread stack for functions with ‘fault’ ‘exception’ or ‘error’
Open callstack window – the look at the threads looking for stacks

~0 kb (inspect call stack of CPU0)
~1 kb  (inspect call stack of CPU1)
Lm kvmvpn* (list driver version?)