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Trade your old Video Games

Those old video games have plenty of value – to someone.

Here are some options for getting rid of them:


Another option is to use a game swap site – you list your available games, and someone tells you to send it to them, you then send it away for no money, but get ‘credits’ you can use at the swap site to use to ask someone to send you thier games. A friend of mine told me about Goozex.com

Personally, I prefer my the US Dollar as a currency over swap credits, but I’m sure each method has it’s benefits.

Ebay is your best bet for newer games -you can often get $45 for a used $60 game, so long as its pretty new.

Gamestop will rape you in all cases, but sometimes it’s such an easy option you just don’t care. Gamestop is great if you want to trade in 20 somewhat old games and get 1 somewhat new game.

When a used game is only worth a few dollars, goozex might make sense – it’s not worth selling a game for $ on ebay – there are too many fees. Gamestop will give you a quarter for it – which doesn’t cover your gas to get to the store. Goozex could be the ticket for swapping one old game for another.