A review of several denoise Audio plugins

I was looking for a way to clean up my audio so I downloaded few demos of denoise plugins and did this youtube video:

It’s 20 minutes long. If you don’t have time to view it, here’s what I covered:

Acon Digitial Denoiser (part of the audio restoration suite $99)

iZotope RX4 Dialog Denoiser (part of the RX4 standard suite $349)

Waves NS1 Denoise plugin ($200)

Waves WNS Denoise plugin ($500)

The Denoiser that comes with Logic Pro X

In Summary:

There were two categories of results:

  1. Plugins that helped with out making it worse.
    1. Waves NS1
    2. Waves WNS
    3. RX4 Dialog Denoiser
  2.  Plugins that were able to make the sound worse
    1. Acon Digital Denoiser
    2. Logic Pro X’s Denoiser

Overall I felt that RX4 did the best job, working like magic for my voice and the noise I was trying to remove.

Waves NS1 did a pretty nice job also.

Waves WNS didn’t do a whole lot for me, but maybe on a different sound source and with different background noise it might have.

Acon and Logic’s denoisers were both troubling, it was easy with both to introduce a ‘gurgling’ sound. I am always leery of plugins that add things like this.

If you’re in the market for such plugins, put on a pair of headphones and listen in a quiet room, and you’ll pretty clearly hear the difference.