Manually download the Juniper VPN client for mac

The new juniper 6.5 client seems work with OSX 10.6.x better than the old ones did – it no longer requires creating a directory and setting permissions from the command line.

That said, my upgrade seemed to go ok, but a few days later, it stopped working – saying it was unable to download files from the URL of my webvpn.

I did an uninstall (I used appdelete) then downloaded the VPN client from the VPN
it turns out the client is easily obtained manually by using
(URL of your webvpn)/dana-cached/nc/NetworkConnect.dmg
this downloads the disk image file, then you can run the setup program from there – once I did that, it worked fine without any further modifications.

(thanks to William (post #9) on

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  1. Thanks So much for this post!
    this URL is still valid with an upgrade to Network Connect 8.0. the automated upgrade/install with me currently having 7.4.5 installed was failing for me repeatedly. i was able to pull the .dmg file directly, and manually install.

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