Possible Grid Controls to use with PHP

I’m working on a project in PHP at the moment.

Nothing gets a project moving like dropping a good grid control on  a page, spending 2 minutes setting a few properties and having a nice editable grid.

For ASP.NET, I’ve used the obout.com grid before with pretty good results.

Since this is my first PHP project I thought I’d see what grids are out there.

Here’s what I found…


PlatinumGrid – only works with Delphi – no go.
PHPEzyGrid  -sucked – no inline editing.

KoolPHP.net $130 for the suite – nice flexibility – other tools too (combo box, calendar etc)

AppHP.com’s grid – looks nice – cheap $35

phpgrid.com – requires zend optimizer $99

Active Widgets –  too expensive ($500)

DHTMLX – I like that this is actually a Javascript grid – The  good part about this is that the knowledge gained and the grid itself could be used on other platforms (ie ASP.NET) The bad is that there’s some back end server code that needs to be written. also kind of pricey ($200-450) Typically with a pure Javascript based grid, the back end has to be written 100% by you, however, they have a connector product (still in beta no price given) The nice thing here is that the connector works with php, asp.net and jsp.

eyesis – Does not seem to have the features of other grids (no inline editing)
On the plus side, it does seem very easy to use, so there are likely places where this could be a good fit (last update was Dec 2008 however…)

ExtJS is another javascript control set – they claim to have a bunch of big customers.

It’s not cheap ($330) but like DHTMLx you are buying a whole slew of tools.

One nice thing about ExtJS is that they have a designer tool for it.
They also offer phone support (paid not free)

jQuery Grid (jqGrid) – this is a popular javascript grid for use with the jQuery framework. -$300 per platform (PHP/ASP.net )

datatables.net – (jQuery based – donation based)

SlickGrid (http://github.com/mleibman/SlickGrid)
This is my favorate from an end user perspective for it’s inline editing – it’s just like a spreadsheet.

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  1. PlatinumGrid doesn’t require Delphi. It fully supports vanilla PHP. I’m not sure why the website would have conveyed that it requires Delphi For PHP.

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