Using Visifire Charts in Sharepoint with SQL data – Part 1 has a nice silverlight charting library that does animated charts and graphs.

My employer was looking to do up a Dashboard in SharePoint and I used Visifire, the Sharepoint Content Editor Web part and a few back end aspx pages to grab data from various sql servers to present the graphs.

I’m doing a video series on the basics of how to do it.

This first video introduces visifire, downloads some samples and walks through getting the sample to work locally on your PC.

Part 2 will discuss the Visifire Chart Designer.
Part 3 will show how to copy the needed files to SharePoint and how to put the relevant HTML in a SharePoint Content Editor WebPart.
Part 4 talks about how to move Source XAML to a separate file.
Part 5 talks about one way to construct a back end ASPX page to produce the XAML and feed it back.
Part 6 talks about how to modify the ASPX page to query a database and produce live data
Part 7 talks about how to move that page onto the SharePoint Server.