Video: CODA + Subversion (Beanstalk) How-To

I did a video tutorial recently on how to use CODA (A popular mac editor used by web designers) with the Source Control System Subversion (Using’s free account offering)

The video is just under 20 minutes long and covers:

Setting up a free account on
How to configure the free account.
How to configure the ‘sites’ tab in Coda to work with the free account.
How to push changes to the Subversion Server (in this case Beanstalkapp)

How to compare an old revision with the current one.

How to ‘roll back’ a code change to an older version that’s in Subversion.

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25 thoughts on “Video: CODA + Subversion (Beanstalk) How-To”

  1. Hey, very good stuff u have here. Thanks a lot.
    A question thought:

    1) what app are u using to make the videos, i use the quicktime player to make videos on my mac so far. Looking for something else to do the job.

    Thanks for the video.


  2. Hey Jack,
    Great video!
    I noticed you have CornerStone on your doc (yeah, I pick up on little stuff like that and get curious).
    Do you use CornerStone for doing diffs and Coda for straight-up dev?
    Just curious.

  3. Tim, yeah, there are a few things that Coda doesn’t do, so I have used CornerStone for some of the things coda doesn’t such as looking at what’s in the repository.

  4. Cracking video. I’ve toyed with SVN before but this gave me everything I needed to set it up with Coda and bite the bullet. Kudos to you.

  5. Super helpful. Made me feel very confident to try this now. I have always been good with Coda but didn’t understand the SVN part.

    It would be great to have a video on how to push the files live from SVN or how to set up an SVN that goes to a staging server then live?

  6. Great video, only thing is I can’t find the button in Coda where I can fill in the path to the Beanstalk repository. Am I doing something wrong? I use Coda version 1.7.4.

    All Coda tells me it can’t find Subversion, but it doe not give me a button to fill in the repository url. I also tried to fill it in through the Preferences of Coda at the Path to Subversion help programm, but that also does not work.

    Any help or pointers is/are welcome.

  7. You’d find this by clicking on the Sites Icon on the top (as in sites, edit, preview, css, terminal, books)

    Then right click and choose edit,
    source control is at the bottom, There is a button called “checkout source” – if it’s grayed out, then you’ll need to set the local root path first under the “site” section – note that in Lion there are many folders that are read only (Ie you can’t just drop a site at the root)

  8. Just started using Coda and the simple use of Subversion is really going to help when trying to rollback to past revision. Thanks for video. Really helpful!

  9. Cool video thanks. I’m having some trouble though…
    I see the URL you got from Beanstalk was http://. I just signed up today and they now have https:// url’s. The problem is when I try to add this into the checkout on Coda it comes back with an error saying the certificate is untrusted.
    I tried it just as http:// but it comes back with a different error saying the files have been moved to https://

    Any ideas?

  10. Note to other readers: Scott and I talked about his issue and he was nice enough to submit some feedback he received from Beanstalk Support:

    “Coda doesn’t allow you to gracefully accept a certificate. In Terminal, enter: svn info [beanstalk SVN address]
    When prompted about the certificate, hit p to accept permanently. From that point Coda should work right away.”

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